Friday, December 13, 2013

Two Winter-Weather Tips

Many of your are facing Arctic-like temperatures, and word around here is, ours are going lower too.  I don't know about your house... but at our house, winter brings its own unique set of... issues.

The first is that my fingers tend to split open at the end because of all the dry air, and my constant washing of hands while cooking and baking.  Though some of you have thoughtfully provided solutions, this girl is on a budget, and big-ticket moisturizers are not included.  While I was in Carlisle with my nieces, the "season" officially began as THREE of my finger-tips split.  In desperation one day, I covered them with Blistex Medicated Balm, usually used on my lips.  I am a long-time fan of this product, and let me tell you... it healed up my finger-tips faster than any other product I've used.  Sometimes the thing that WORKS will not be the most obvious, but trust me on this one!  It works on split lips, right?  I use this all the time now -- and have a tube of Blistex set aside for just this purpose on my bed table.  (Cost: under $1 at Target.)

The second issue is that my daughter's throat is perpetually sore due to... (well, I'll just say it) allergy drainage.  If you were around here last winter, you know that we dealt with some health issues during our daughter's first year in public school.  Apparently her body could not stand the onslaught of germs, and she was sick [missing school] a LOT.  This year, she is doing a lot better, but we are also trying to be more proactive, not letting things spin out of control.  While I was surfing around on Pinterest the other day, I was reminded of a tip that our doctor gave us... gargling with saltwater.  Most of you are probably saying "of course" -- everyone has heard of this.  But, how many of us put it into practice?  We have become better garglers around here lately, and I think it has made a difference in how much my daughter's throat bothers her.  [Please: do not ask HER.  She despises this, and only gargles when I insist.  Oh well.  This is a battle I'm willing to fight!!! -- and I gargle right along with her!]  IN FACT, we keep this cup and measuring spoon at the ready, and as a reminder.  ONE CUP of warm water to 1/2 TEASPOON of salt.  Dissolve salt & gargle away.  My daughter and I usually split the cup, and gargle till it's gone!  (Cost: minimal)

Sometimes, people... it's the simple things that do the trick, and I'm all about sharing what works -- so, MERRY CHRISTMAS.  May your split fingertips be healed, and your throats be clear of.... well, you know.


  1. Sally, it's sooo cold here too (I am actually typing while my car is warming up!!) and we have the same hands and throats! We do use the salt water trick (under duress, same as your house), but I will try the Blistex! Always looking for a cheap cure! :)

  2. Amen! John gets killer splits and the only thing he's found that helps is O'Keefe's Working Hands. The 3.4 oz costs $7 and lasts him a year. Just in case any carpenters who work out in the weather are reading your blog! =D

  3. Great tips! I gargle with salt water for sore throats too. Been doing that since I was a kid. Finger cracks always bother me in winter, but I finally got a product that works to prevent them. It's call No-Crack Hand Cream and I got it from Duluth Trading Company. No cracks at all for the past 3 weeks! I use it twice a day and it's reasonably priced. Glad to know about the Blistex!


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