Thursday, December 12, 2013

Traditions: The Tree Topper

When we were newly married, and shopping for our first Christmas, I found a sweet little angel made out of a lace-bordered handkerchief, and dreamed of making her into a tree-topper.  Someone along the way suggested using starch on her skirt, allowing her to sit upright on the top of the tree.  Well, that's what I did, and she sat atop our tree for many years.  But she was rather "country," and after many years, she seemed dated, and wasn't the look I was going for any longer.

I decided to shop for a "real" tree-topper -- you know? -- a traditional ANGEL or STAR.  Oh, I couldn't wait to find the right one.  I did eventually find a star I liked-but-not-loved -- and brought it home only to find out that it was WAY too heavy, and would in no way stand upright at the top of our skinny tree.

In desperation, we threw a plush santa hat to the top.  The bulb on the top branch shone through the fabric, causing it to look rather lovely in its glowing scarlet-ness.  But... it bothered me that anything "santa" was at the top of our tree.  Our kids were older, and I had chosen to remove most santa items from our Christmas decor.  (Call it personal preference.  No judgement on those who use Santa's image!!)

There the hat stayed for that entire season.  And the next.  And we grew to love it.  I GREW to realize that I was placing much too much importance on what graced the top of our tree.  The hat has no significance.  It is merely a decoration, and now... a TRADITION.  Our daughter couldn't wait to see it at the top of the tree this year!

Turns out it was exactly the look we were going for.  *wink

P.S.  If you like those cute little baby picture ornaments, you can find out more about them HERE.

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  1. I love it and that is quite inventive! Would have never thought of it, but it seems perfectly content and pretty up there! I have several santa hats, and one fancy one always goes on the BIG stuffed bear that we have in our dining room. (Yes, we have a 30 pound bear in that room, and he has his own chair - an antique Shaker chair.) We also wear the hats upon occasion, such as when Mr. Jim was in the rehab center for several weeks at Christmas time (two years ago).


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