Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Christmas Vignette

I don't know about you, but I love the contrast of something sort of glam-glam (don't roll your eyes, you know what I mean) and something that is useful and everyday side-by-side, or in close proximity.  For example: I used to display my gram's wooden spoons in a crystal vase on my counter-top.

Anyways, with that intro, perhaps you will understand why these little beauties spoke to me.  I spotted the small ones at Target, and was smitten.  They are just a heavy twine on a rustic wooden spool.  Believe me, I am not fooled into believing that there is any YARDAGE there.  I just love the look, and purchased them solely as a decorative object.

No, the twine isn't glam-glam, but look at that pretty red velvet ribbon.  I was surprised to find it a few weeks later at TJMaxx.

When I purchased this collection, I already had in mind a little Christmas vignette.  During the same Target visit, I also found this great golden glass key ornament, and imagined it in the vignette with the spools.

Add a sprig or two of rosemary, and finito!  The collection sits on my Johnson Bros. "Old Britain Castles" Christmas tree plate.  The cloche usually sits on its own pedestal, but I thought it looked more festive on the plate for Christmas.

Have you found little treasures along the way in your Christmas shopping?


  1. I have done zero shopping. I know! Perhaps I'd sleep better at night if I got to it!

    Well now, I like how you think. It all looks delightful and if there's a memory or two tucked in...all the better!

  2. Very creative! Oh, and I am so jealous of the Johnson Brothers dishes that you and Miz Vee have!


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