Friday, December 20, 2013

Silver Foil Packages Tied Up With String

My girl has delivered her last plate of Christmas cheer, and it is officially CHRISTMAS BREAK.  She made up 11 plates of cookies (3 kinds on each plate), and we wrapped them up and labeled them for all of her teachers. We decided to wrap them up snugly in foil for the ride to school, and the day-long delivery process through my daughter's class schedule.

Mint-Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate-Caramel Cookies, and Cherry Delights were wrapped in foil, tied with twine, and THESE sweet joyful tags from Amy.

We each made and baked a batch of cookies.  My daughter made batter for another batch, and I baked them.  I foiled and twined, while she gift-tagged.  Team work at its best!

Yesterday (the last day of school) included a half day in the brand new school building, where the kids will start school next month when they return from Christmas Break.  There's a two-story wing for the junior-high students and a two-story wing for the senior-high students, and so much more! We have been holding our breath, and excitedly anticipating this day, when all that has been envisioned will be revealed.  And, if my daughter's excitement is any indication, this new school is a sight to behold.  I'm hoping to get the nickel tour before school resumes!

What's new at your house?
Are you starting to wrap up the items on your Christmas list?


  1. I have started, but am not finished.

    What festive packages and I am sure that they were much appreciated. I used to love such goodies in my teaching years.

    The new school sounds fantastic. I hope that you get the ten cent tour and that we get the nickel tour.

  2. I love the sparkle of the foil! :)

    1. Thanks Patricia! We had fun wrapping them up. Merry Christmas.


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