Thursday, December 19, 2013

Survey Says...

Where has most of your shopping for this holiday season been done?
In department stores.
Smaller stores.
I haven't done any shopping yet.
I'm giving gifts that don't involve shopping.
I'm not going to be giving any gifts.
via Swagbucks

I took this survey online the other day, and what I found more interesting than the survey itself was the scathing remarks left in the comments.  There were many comments left by people who could not afford to give.  They were not the scathing ones.  The scathing comments came from others, and ranged from "Your income is irrelevent, find a way to MAKE gifts." -to- "Do better at planning ahead all year so that December doesn't hit you so hard.  There's no excuse for not giving at Christmas-time."

I won't comment on the comments.  We all have our own opinions.

What struck me is that people had actually taken time out of their day to leave such unkind words.  It made me purpose in my heart to be KIND during this Christmas season -- a season that is difficult for many.  It made me want to slow down.  To look people in the eye when I say my pleases and thank yous.  To say "Merry Christmas!" and smile at strangers.  To patiently wait my turn in line.  To strike up conversations.

I was reminded again of the poem "The Christmas Guest" by Helen Steiner Rice.  You can read it HERE.

BE a blessing this Christmas!


  1. I read "The Christmas Guest" for our program at church Sunday night. It gets me every time. I can hardly get through it without tears! "Of all the gifts, love is the best."

  2. Amen and amen.

    Ain't nobody got time for that. :)

    Just stopping by to wish you the merriest of Christmases!

  3. Oh my heart is breaking that someone would choose to be so cruel. On my Sunday post I talked about choosing to be the light. I too will be praying.

    I hope you are enjoying this holiday season.

  4. That is surprising by those unkind comments. I choose to not say anything if I can't say something nice. This year can be filled with joy for some and sorrow for others. We should all be mindful of others feelings.

  5. I agree with you and try to adopt the same strategy!


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