Thursday, December 26, 2013

One More Party...

So you have one more holiday party or family gathering, and you need a cute hostess gift?  No worries.  I've gotcha covered!  This is a super-easy last-minute idea!

In fact, I thought I was done sharing all things holiday -- but my daughter and I made these luscious chocolate Peppermint Marshmallows and I just had to share our success.  Inspired by this recipe at Barns & Noodles, I adjusted our recipe a little according to what we had on-hand.

What we used:
large marshmallows
semi-sweet chocolate chips melted over a double-boiler
crushed candy canes

The process is as easy as it looks.  Dip top half of marshmallow in melted chocolate, then in the crushed candy. Tip right side up, and allow to set.  I placed ours in the refrigerator for a little bit before placing in gift bags.

Come to think of it... maybe YOU'RE the one having the party?  These would be so cute in a pretty little bowl at a cocoa bar!  Decadent.

We made them as a last-minute project so that we could bag them up fresh for family and friends.  I thought I'd brag a bit about them, since they were such a simple and low-key project amidst the last-minute wrapping and baking.  Known for getting ahead of ourselves and messing things up, we were rather pleased with how these turned out.  Though they'd be delicious added to a steaming cup of hot cocoa, I will admit that we sneaked a few right off the tray after we made them, and we loved them!  If you are a lover of all things peppermint, I know you'll love them too!

Don't forget to check out Barns & Noodles for the original recipe!


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