Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6th ~ The Tree

Hammin' it up for the camera!

Happy Monday.  Another weekend - over!  Wow, how does that happen?  Before I even know it's here, it's GONE.  Well, it doesn't help that it was my turn to be sick this weekend.  I did a whole lot of relaxing!  Thanks to my dear daughter and husband, the tree is up.  All the red dots and correct cords have been matched, which means that the tree will actually light.  A few years ago, we opted for the pre-lit Christmas Tree, since putting on the lights was our least favorite Christmas Tree decorating task.  This tree is the best thing since sliced bread...except, this year, I was actually wondering if there is just a tree that we could pop open like an umbrella - do they exist?  If so, I might be watching those after-Christmas sales this year!

On another note, I'm having fun with my December Daily project.  Since I'm doing it on a budget, it's ended up being a little bit more (really)old-school-scrapbook-style, since I grab snippets of lots of little things around here to fill the pages.  It's been a challenge to look for & find those things each day.  My family has been doing a little eye-rolling at the things I'm saving.  Wait until they see the end result.  Thanks for all of your kind comments.

Check this out. (Love it!)
Free frameable art downloads
1. Love these from Craftily Ever After.

1.  And these from Becky Higgins.

(Actually, you'll find some free Christmas cards at Becky's link as well.)


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