Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16th ~ Simple

Simple: having few parts; not complex, complicated, or involved;
without additions or modifications.

Simplicity seems to be a popular theme all around the blog-world this Christmas.  I have found, though, that there are as many ideas of what "simplicity" means as there are bloggers.  I have been astounded by "simple" Christmas posts showing vast collections of ornaments, and high levels of decoration.  There have been relatively few blogs that I've visited that seem to envision Christmas simplicity in the way I do.

Our Christmas decorating usually begins right after Thanksgiving.  This year, we traveled for Thanksgiving, and returned home to the flu.  And so, on top of all our laundry from the trip - well, let's just say I had LOTS of extra laundry to do.  Christmas decorating sort of got put on the back burner, you know?  Slowly, I pulled out the favorite decorations - the things that just HAD to be out.  As I encountered things that didn't have significant memories attached to them - I did a little purging, adding them to the Goodwill pile.

The end result is a house that is significantly under-decorated compared to previous years.  As I sit here in our home, I'm mostly okay with that.  Yesterday, however, a little ?guilt? started creeping in.  I was on a bloggers' Christmas home tour, and started feeling bad that I went with the simple approach this year.  I wrestled with it all day yesterday, and even this morning - that feeling was still there.  I did a little blog-reading over at simple as that and felt better when I read some of the thoughts there.  Aby Garvey from Simplify 101 has a guest post there today, and shares some thoughts on simplifying Christmas.  I love this quote from her:

"The best gift you can give your loved ones this holiday season 
is your own joy and happiness."

Hello, my name is Sally, and I have issues about "keeping up with the Jones'."  THAT is the real problem.  When I sit here at home, I am totally okay with how things are, and with the level of/lack of decoration in our home.  It's just when I start looking at all the beautiful pictures of what everyone else has done that I start to second-guess myself.

I have come to realize that simplicity means different things to different people.  Some people deck the halls, but order their cookies & holiday baked goods from a bakery.  Other people may only have time to put up a Christmas tree because they are so busy preparing for and participating in the Christmas concerts at church.  Get what I mean?  We all have different things that give us joy -or- steal our joy.  I would rather sit together with my family & enjoy stirring a mug of hot chocolate with a candy cane than stress out about having every decoration hung, or in place.

The bottom line is this:  Our Creator has made us all to be different -- and THANK GOODNESS!  How boring would things be if we were all alike?  Aaaah - did I just type that out loud?  Note to self:  We are not cookies - all made from the same cutter.  We are individuals.  As such, of course our different styles and priorities will show.  My house does not need to look like my neighbor's house, or any of the on-line beauties that I have spotted.  As long as my family is comfortable here, that's all that matters.  Amen?

If you've gotten this far...thanks for reading my rambling thoughts this morning.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to leave a little love in the comment section.  I hope this Christmas season is filled with much joy and happiness for you and those you love!

Just for fun:  Check out this classy memory plate made by Sandy at The Reluctant EntertainerIt's an amazing way to commemorate a loved-one's handwriting.


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