Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 21st ~ History

Several years ago, our family had some dear friends over at Christmas-time.  A seventy-something couple, their two grown daughters and their husbands, and their combined 5 children.  My parents, and my sister's family were also present.  It was just a Christmas get-together while friends were in town.  We served dessert, and spent the evening enjoying one another's company.  We asked one of the husbands (a pastor) to pray before we ate.  He prayed a lovely prayer and uttered words that I will never forget.  "Thank you Lord, for the HISTORY that our families share."  We were all so struck by that, and spoke about it long after the "Amen."  A few years later, one of these dear friends went to be with the Lord - after struggling with breast cancer.  What a difficult time this was for us all.  Our lives were so intricately inter-woven.

Just after Thanksgiving this year, we learned that her dear husband of 50+ years was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Stunning.  Again with the history.  Rich, rich history.  Today, we learned that his time on this earth is short.  I am overwhelmed by the thought that my dear girlfriends (whom I grew up with) will soon be without their Mom and Dad.  It's unthinkable.

And yet...the Christmas Season swirls on around us.  I am reminded that Christmas is not a good season for everyone.  It is often a time that causes us to remember loved ones lost - or difficult family situations.  We don't always know people's stories.  

This year, I will tread gently - remembering that not everyone feels the joy...no matter how much they want to.


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