Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13th ~ A "Baked House"

Well, who wouldn't love to come home after a "hard" day to the smell of baking, and dinner being prepared?  Now I know what my husband means when he says, "I love coming home to a baked house!"  On Saturday, I put in a full day of Christmas shopping.  I really got a lot accomplished, and when I got home, I was surprised to smell something baking.  (Well, okay not baking just yet, but rising, and well -- I wasn't really surprised.  My husband loves to bake - and he had the kitchen all to himself while I was gone!)  Anyways...he was on a mission to bake "Pesto Spirals"  - a recipe from Father Dominic - of PBS fame.  This is what came out of the oven.

Yum-my!  Boy, were these ever good!  We had lots of laughs over them, though.  Before my husband opened the pesto, he thought he might add some garlic.  Upon opening the jar, he realized that probably wasn't necessary.  And then while they were baking, we joked that at church on Sunday, they will do an intervention on our behalf and tell us we need to lay off the garlic.  It was THAT strong.  (Excuse me while I flick the icicles off my eyelashes - can you say "airing out the house?")  The finished product, however, was truly wonderful, and not overwhelming at all.

To top it all off, my husband then made dinner: Parmesan Chicken (not to be confused with Chicken Parmesan, my daughter tells me).  Yes, he is that good.

Check this out. (Love it!) commercial & adorable aprons!
Today, I saw the cutest commercial on YouTube.  I'll link you to it in a moment.  But first, I want to tell you to watch for the CUTEST EVER aprons.  I spotted them right away, and thought of my Mom who is a huge apron fan.  Watch the video.  If you love the aprons too, you can come back here and click on the link to, where you'll find a nice collection of colorful & "flirty" aprons.


  1. Oh my! Those look wonderful and delicious. We are a bread-loving family. I'm going to have to try these the next time I make parmesan chicken or chicken parmesan. So what is the difference? LOL

  2. @mcscraps5

    There is NO difference at all. The funny part is, my DD would NEVER order Chicken Parmesan at a restaurant - NEVER. But she will eat what her Daddy makes! Love it.

  3. Sally, would you mind sharing the recipe for those delicous-looking rolls? I think my email address is in my profile.

  4. @mcscraps5

    I would love to share it, but there's no contact info in your profile. My e-mail s/b in my profile (at least I can see it). If you send me a message, I will reply w/ the recipe. Will that work?


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