Thursday, May 16, 2013

"The Graduate"

I just got a text from my hubby that said, "Any word from the graduate?"


We are really doing this folks!

After 12 years of homeschooling, and two years of public school, we are finally doing this thing.

The 12 years of homeschooling was wonderful, and then it wasn't anymore, and the apron-strings needed to be cut in a major way in order for the man-cub to graduate.

The transition to public school was eventful.  We felt welcomed and accepted and... part of the pack.  We received confirmation through the entire transition process.  We knew we were in the right place.

At the semester break of what we thought was his junior year, we were told our son could graduate in the spring.  I'll never forget my conversation with my son's guidance counselor.  "He didn't seem very happy about it when I told him," she said.  Of course not.  He had just found his place after-all.  After much deliberation (and leaving it up to him), he decided that if he stayed one more year, not only would it better prepare him for his future, but he would be able to experience a year of public school with his sister.  (She was due to begin the following fall.)  How could we argue with that?

So, another year it was.

First semester flew by.  And then, a week before Christmas (and after much searching) he finally found a job -- as a security guard at a local mall.  While working hours just shy of full-time, the second semester became a grind.  Everything was harder.  Time was at a premium.  SLEEP was at a premium!!

As a mom, my heart was breaking at the same time it was bursting with pride.  I remembered my high school years.  We had only summer jobs -- if we could find one.  There was no working during the school year.  Are you kidding?  We were HIGH SCHOOL students.  But, times have changed.  Children are now expected to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.  And can I just say: I'm not convinced that times are BETTER.

Nevertheless, our security guard has managed to pull a rabbit out of his mythical top-hat.  There was never any doubt that he COULD do it, just if he WOULD.

A well-meaning mom can only "encourage" so much before it turns to "meddling" -- at least in the eyes of an 18 year old man-cub.

Many times I said to the Lord, "I lay it all at your feet."  I told my friend Sasha that at the same time I was talking to the Lord, I was also preparing my heart... what happens IF...  and knowing that we could live to tell about it if there was only night-school in our son's future, and no walking across a stage.  {Surely the Lord shakes his head at me!}

Well, what once was in jeopardy is now really happening.  Announcements have arrived.  The graduation gown came home the other day. Certificates came home in a fancy binder, along with commencement tickets!  An awards breakfast has taken place -- and in DRESS CLOTHES, no less!!  *wink

Pinch me.  We are really doing this folks!

By the way, the security guard just came home from his last day of school.  How did I know he was here?  I could hear the beat of "Summertime" by Rascal Flatts cranked up on his car stereo out in the driveway.  Love that boy.


If you are on a homeschooling journey and feeling lost, be encouraged.  God knows your every concern.  Have an honest conversation with him.

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  1. Oh cool! Congrats to the busy graduate and his family, too!

  2. Well written. Who wouldn't burst with pride?!

  3. How exciting! I only just began my homeschooling journey. It's been a hard first year (7th grade), but I know this is what the Lord has called me to do. Now, please pray He will continue to guide me as I also work full time. My schedule is interesting!


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