Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome to My World 5.7

Here's something I've learned:  If you or someone you love has an allergy to sulpha drugs (as in prescription eye-drops for pink eye), know that variations of the sulpha-category of drug can be found in eye-drops that are on the store shelf as well.  Choose carefully -- or ask your friendly neighborhood pharmacist!

On the weekends, we're trying to make more of a conscious effort to plan our bigger meals around our son's work schedule, so that we can enjoy the family time around the table when he is here.  On Sunday, we enjoyed pork chops with fajita rub.  My hubby grilled the chops along with asparagus, and I made Creamy Scalloped Potatoes with this lovely potato:

Last night for dinner, I made Stuffed Peppers.  You'll find the recipe HERE.  I used brown Minute Rice this time, and liked the result!

Wondering what happened to THESE GUYS?  Me too!  The day after I posted these pictures, I went out to check the nest, and... nothing!  Absolute quiet.  No mama on the defensive.  I'm guessing these little fellas were older than I thought, and flew the coop sooner than I'd imagined they would.  Or perhaps mama told them to "hush up" when she wasn't at home?  I don't want to consider the other alternatives.  Hopefully "no news is GOOD news" --right?

We're enjoying the Lilacs.  My hubby and I were outside on Sunday evening weeding, and I could smell the fragrance of the Lilacs on the breeze.  Amazing.  I feel like they're open a little early.  They're  usually opening closer to my sister's birthday on the 24th.  On the other hand, the poppies are usually open by Memorial Day Weekend, and they still seem kind of small... leaves only, no buds.

I heard a song outside my kitchen window, and looked out to see this little guy.  Oh how I love Goldfinches!  In years past, I had a finch-feeder back in the garden with the Black-eyed Susans, and the Goldfinches seemed to love that.  They were always a bit camouflaged among those particular flowers!

That's all for me.  What's new in your world?


  1. I absolutely love lilacs and I can't grow them here....too hot, I guess! Brings back childhood memories!! The smell is out of this world! Have a great week!~~Angela

  2. Your lilacs are ahead of mine..I have a bush outside my back porch and just cannot WAIT for the blooms :)
    BTW Stuffed Peppers is a favorite here ! :)


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