Thursday, May 2, 2013

The New Kids in Town

Admittedly, these aren't the very best pictures.  In fact, the only reason I got pictures this good at all was because I was standing right next to this Rhododendron bush.  Remember I told you in THIS POST that we had a Robin's nest?  See Mama Robin?

As long as I don't make any quick movements, she doesn't seem to mind me being close by.  In fact, she will fly to a nearby tree while I water my flowers.  But, if she wants to go back to the nest, she squawks at me to let me know her intentions -- and I slowly move away.

Last night, while watering some newly planted flowers, I looked over at the nest.  Much to my surprise, I saw not the mama, but what looked like a little beak sticking up waiting for the next food drop-off.


But wait, was that one beak... or did I see TWO?

Yes, it seemed to be at least two.  It was hard to tell in and amongst the leaves.  Plus, the babies were flailing back and forth waiting for Mama.

And then in a quick movement, I saw this one little adventurer awkwardly throw his head over the side of the nest.

Now how precious is that?  He or she was putting on a little show for me.  It looks like these little guys don't have their eyes open yet.  I wondered how old they might be, and how long it generally takes until their eyes open -- so you know I had to Google it.

This is what I found:

"A baby robin’s transparent skin and translucent skull let us see the actual size of a birds’ eyes. The eyes look enormous on tiny nestlings, but will soon be hidden by feathers. Baby robins are born with their eyes closed. Eyes remain shut for about five days." [source]

I'm guessing from THESE PHOTOS that my little robins might be about FOUR days old.  I can definitely see those little tufts of fluff on their heads.  We'll have fun watching this little family over the next several days!

{The last nest I watched was in a wreath on our front porch.  However, the nest was positioned in such a way that we never really could see into it well.  You can read the story HERE.}


  1. It's always exciting to have babies around! So much fun to watch the process.

  2. Great shots, Sally. How special to see Mother Nature this up close and personal. Hope the little guys make it to fly the coop on strong wings. xo

  3. I love watching birds! When I was a kid, we had hummingbirds to watch. Now, in the city, I see lots of different common birds, and I have a cardinal who visits me every April. He's always alone... He started coming when my dad died in April 4 years ago, so I think it's a hello from above when I see my cardinal :) I love this post, I hope to see more!

  4. I was going to guess that very young. How sweet. Love robins.

  5. Wonderful pictures!! I just love to watch this process! I found you through the blog hop!! So nice to meet you!!~~Angela

  6. Hello! Great pictures! sweet post. I came across your blog via the bloglovin’ Blog Hop. I am following you through GFC. Please visit my blog and click "Like" or leave a comment if you enjoy my post. I appreciate the support.

    Thank you,


  7. Great pictures! I love watching birds! =)

    Im following you on Blogloving and Google+ from "Life on Lakeshore Drive"! =)


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