Tuesday, May 21, 2013

When It's Right, You'll Know

As a young lady, I remember being told that when "Mr. Right" came along, I would know.

After Mr. Right asked me to marry him, there was a wedding to plan.  I remember people telling me that when I found the "right dress," I would just know.

I never knew how it happened.  But, it did happen -- just like they said it would!

It's kind of the same thing with blue Ball jars, which I kind of have "a thing" for.  (Don't worry, my hubby knows.  In fact, he's been known to encourage my habit.)


On Saturday, we headed to the local flea market.  I never go with a plan.  I just wait for the right thing.  As we walk the outdoor aisles, I don't usually plan on finding anything.  Any find is a happy surprise.  On this particular day , I spotted it sitting on an old rusted card table with scotch tape and dried grass stuck to it.

This week, we saw so many blue Ball jars.  Even a green one!  The green one was a little too pricey, and the rest?  Didn't do anything for me, I guess.

But then, I found this one.  My hubby almost passed it up, but I knew this was the one.  I love the brilliant turquoise blue color.  Deeper than the "old" blue, this one dates from around the bicentennial, and sports an eagle on the backside.  When I asked the price, one of the ladies came back with $8.  My hubby said, "Ask her if she'll take $5."  So, I did.  The younger of the two ladies said, "No sorry.  We know $8 is already a good price for that jar."  I told her I loved it, and I would pay the $8, to which the second (older) woman replied, "I'll let you have it for $7."  SOLD.  And it came home with us.


Although it's in pristine condition, some might say I paid too much.  But, if you had seen the sun shining through that beautiful blue, you might've paid the price too.  It had me at hello (if you know what I mean).

Do you have any collections?
Do you "just know" when you find the right piece to add?


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