Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Best Friends Forever

As our kids have grown, I've always tried to impress upon them that someday (hopefully a long ways down the road) they might be all the other one has, family-wise.  I told them that they should learn to be good friends now, so that they can continue to be close as they grow older.

It's always easier to learn to do something early in life, right?

I think (don't tell my kids) that I've been successful in this endeavor -- and okay, homeschooling probably had a lot to do with it since they were the only two classmates in our home-school.  Whatever.  Let's just say we've achieved positive results.

Nevertheless, I like it when people tell me about particular "moments" that they see my kids share.  Those are big warm-fuzzy moments for me, I confess.

There was the time that a friend came into church and told me, "I just saw your kids out near the parking lot."  I gulped, and wondered why she was choosing to tell me this, when she said, "They're sitting at the picnic table laughing and having a great time -- really enjoying one another's company.  Kind of rare sometimes for siblings!"

I'm not gonna lie.  My heart leaped for joy.

~ Sibling Silliness ~

And then the other day when I stopped by the school to pick up my daughter, the school secretary told me that my kids had stopped in the office for my girl to fill out a form...  Apparently my son was sharing his "Senior Wisdom" and helping his sister out.  The secretary said, "her brother really takes good care of her."

Indeed.  He is a GREAT big brother!
But truth be told, each one takes good care of the other.
{Don't EVER let the "little sister" thing fool ya!}

Does a mama's heart good.


  1. Isn't that great?! How wonderful when siblings get along and are a help to one another in this life. Reminds me of something I read recently where a young mother was fretting over the new baby and her toddler. The doc told her that the best gift that she could ever give her children was the gift of siblings. So true!

  2. What a sweet post! =)

    My Daughter is 8 years older than her Brother, and they have always been close. =)



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