Friday, May 24, 2013

So Proud ~ Freshman Edition

{Please hold your applause until the end.}

A letter came in the mail.  "To the parents of..."  My girl looked at it in disbelief.  It's been a long year for her -- her first year of public high school after years of homeschooling.  Luckily the second semester was easier and quicker than the first semester.  [We thought we might not LIVE through the first one -- literally!  She picked up every possible germ.]

She stared at the letter and read, stopping herself to ask, "WHO was this addressed to?"  When I told her it was sent to us as her parents, she restarted the letter, trying to understand what it was telling her.

She was invited to attend a ceremony honoring her academic achievement.  There was no indication what those honors might be.  It was, in essence, a surprise.  As she made her way down the page, her smile grew.

Who doesn't like to have their efforts affirmed?  A pat on the back?  A few kind words?

I can tell you who DOES.

My girl.

The smile on her face says it all.
Way to go Sweet Girl!  We're so proud of you!


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  1. Hearty congrats! That's a wonderful achievement after making all the adjustments that one must make to a new learning environment. Wonderful!


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