Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recipe: Chocolate Graham Cracker Dessert

This recipe is so easy.  Traditionally, my mom made this dessert in a loaf pan.  That was back in the days of our little family of four.  Now, when the entire family gets together, there are 11 of us -- so I had to figure out a different way... using a bigger pan.

I used: 2 large boxes of instant sugar-free chocolate pudding,
and 2+ boxes of honey grahams.
 [These amounts may vary depending on your pan size.] 

Traditional loaf pan method:
* line loaf pan with plastic wrap
* line bottom and walls of pan with graham crackers, breaking or cutting to fit where necessary.  Line with crackers to the top lip of the pan.
* place layer of chocolate pudding in pan.
* layer with more graham crackers, cutting to fit.
* and so on, alternating pudding and cracker layers all the way to the top lip of the loaf pan -- and ending with crackers.
* REFRIGERATE OVERNIGHT to allow crackers to soften.
* when ready to serve, invert pan on cutting board, remove plastic wrap, and slice.

New method:  Last weekend, I decided to try making this in a (little bit bigger than) 9x13 pan.  Basically, I used the same layering technique with a few differences.
* I did not line the pan with plastic wrap, because my intention was not to invert it.
* I did not line the walls of the pan with crackers.  I only used horizontal layers, beginning and ending with crackers.

No worries about "piecing" the crackers in those middle layers.
But... make sure to use whole (not broken) pieces of cracker
on your top, final layer of crackers -- so it looks nice.
Cut crackers to fit. You'll have lots of leftover bits to snack on!

I'll bet you'd just love to see what it looks like when it's cut -- all those pretty layers right? Somehow, I never got that picture.  (Hey, I'm a real life blogger!)  I guess you'll just have to make the recipe.  Yes, it's as easy as it sounds.  No tricks, I promise.

Oh -- one more thing.  Don't forget a dollop or two of whipped topping. 


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