Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY #1 ~ Done?

Remember this?

and this?

Well, the new carpet finally came and was installed yesterday (because of course the kind we picked would need to be back-ordered).  It's a "shades of gray berber" with specks of other colors as well -- including blue.  So now, the room looks like this:

Remember, this is a teenage boys room.  Nothing too fancy.  No "frills" as it were, although Son did like his dad's idea of a sideways "castle wall" pattern on the one wall.  It's better than a straight-line-transition between wall colors, don't you think?  I had a few ideas too, but when I made suggestions, I heard a lot of "no, not really" and "no thanks."  What can I say?  The boy doesn't like a fuss - especially from his mama.  And, this mama is s-l-o-w-l-y learning to M.H.O.B. when it doesn't really matter.  We really tried to make this room all about our son, and put our own opinions aside.  He was very involved in the process, and I think he's more appreciative of the end result because of that. 

So.... here's the complete transformation, along with a newly constructed desk.
I bought the new bedding on clearance, and it totally matches.
It was purchased without my son's input, but he did approve.
(And he didn't mind that navy throw that I bought for him either.
Everyone in this house is a sucker for a cozy blanket!) 

 Love it that the nightstand already has teenage clutter on it.
Thank me later for moving the dirty laundry out of the picture!
Nothing on the walls yet. That's not MY department...
unless someone asks for my opinion or help. 

 Now to finish the bathroom.
It's been a slow DIY season around here,
so don't look for a post on that anytime soon.
Just sayin'... 

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  1. Love that unique paint pattern on the walls, it's really different. I'm sure your son appreciates getting to have his room HIS


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