Thursday, September 22, 2011

Monday Misc. on Thursday

{It's just that kind of week.}

Here's what's flying over our house.
It's passed over three times already in the past hour or so.
It's a beautiful day for flying in NEOh,
and there is lots of air traffic over our house! 

We interrupted a morning of homeschooling to pick up new glasses for our girl.
She is super-happy because they are so similar in shape
to her old glasses.
 Our girl loves the comfort of things that are familiar. 

In interesting "post" facts...
only 4 people viewed my post from yesterday
about this yummy dessert,
but 36 people caught my link to an older post
with Gooseberry Patch for Soup Season!
 [Thank you Gooseberry Patch!]

Last fall in Ohio

I visited a local garden center the other day,
and took a few pictures.
Flowers may very well be my favorite subjects.

Hot air balloons could be my second favorite.
Talk about "the thrill of the chase."
I still haven't recovered from the excitement of this:

 What kind of miscellaneous stuff
is going on at your house today? 


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