Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Misc. 4

Happy Labor Day!
I hope you're enjoying some down-time today
with those you love and without labor!

Are you a digital scrapbooker?  My sister, Jill, is.  I just found out that she's just been featured over at  Take a look.  There are four great template designs based on her layouts for Haynay Designs.  Check 'em out, and you can "scrap like Jill!"

I love this digital layout that my sis did of us!
My sweet blogging friend, Teresa of Meadowbrook Farm, has been nominated and is a finalist in Country Living's 1st Annual Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards.  You will find her (no surprise) in the "Garden" category.  If you visit my blog regularly, you have heard of Teresa, and know how I brag on her amazing photography.  Her gardens are amazing too, and you will love her latest post HERE.  If you enjoy her blog as much as I do, please take a minute to go HERE to check out the details on voting.  Thanks!

Nutella, Nutella, everywhere Nutella.  All of a sudden, it seems as if everyone (like Sandy @ Reluctant Entertainer) is talking about this stuff.  I've never tried it before, and never even noticed a coupon for it, but wouldn't you know, there was one in last week's Sunday coupon paper.  Had to check it out.  Reg. $3.99  On sale for $2.99  Minus my $1.00 coupon = Nutella trial for $1.99.  (So thrifty!)  I asked my dear sister for a recommendation.  What do you eat this stuff on?  Her response?  "Ummm....a spoon!?!?"  Oh yes she did.  Turns out I know her pretty well.  I thought her answer would be "your finger!"
I tried it on a pretzel (correction: pretzels) - Yum-O!
Haven't told the kids about this just yet...

What kind of miscellaneous stuff is going on at your house?

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comment!

    Nutella. YES, I used that same coupon today. I love it on bagels.
    Now I'm off to check out some of the links you posted. :)

  2. Hey Sally Marie Louise,
    Thank you so much for the blog love! You are just the sweetest thing.
    Nutella, eh? I may just have to give that a whirl. Looks delish!
    Hope your long weekend was a good one!


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