Monday, September 26, 2011


On Monday, my sweet hubby and I will celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary.  Seems like it was just yesterday... and seems like it's been forever (in all of the very best ways, of course).  On Saturday, we celebrated with a dinner out at one of our favs: P.F.Changs.  My usual favorite (beef with snow peas) was off the menu, so I ordered the pepper steak, and Oh My!  It may be my new favorite!  Hubby ordered some spicy chicken, extra hot please.  (Oh, that man!)

Afterwards we took a walk around the lake at a local Mum Fest.  This festival always falls on our anniversary weekend, and we have made many trips here -- both with the kids (when they were little) and on our own through the years.  There are many vendor-booths set up selling or advertising various wares, some yummy food, and entertainment as well (not to mention the beautiful mums!)  This year, we arrived as they were closing down for the evening.  We were still able to walk around the lake, enjoy the view, people-watch, and take some pictures.  When my hubby realized I was looking for some good pictures, he went into his photographer-assistant mode and started hunting out some interesting shots for me.  <just another example of "what would I do without him?">

Beautiful scarves blew in the breeze.

The mums were extraordinary as always.

There is always a table of carved fruits and vegetables.
This year, the watermelons were especially beautiful.


The day was beyond gorgeous, and the temperature --perfect!

Streetlight love.

Gnarled branches.

Bottoms up!  It was quite comical to watch the swans "fish."

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!
Thanks for all of the great adventures.
Here's to many more years,
and lots of great new adventures! 


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