Saturday, September 10, 2011

The A.C.T. and Growing Old

Do you remember the A.C.T. test?  If you're like me, you have barely any memory of it at all.  Our son is taking it in the near future, so it has been [weighing] on our minds.  Well, mine.  Not his.

Anyway, you sign up for it on-line now, and there are a multitude of questions to answer.  I just hit "next" on every screen.  We're not exactly at the "know-what-college-I-wanna-go-to" stage yet.  I felt like I was filling it all out for naught.  So, "next."

But, back to my original question.  Do you remember taking the test?  I'm sure I had nothing to do with the sign-up process.  I don't remember the A.C.T. people offering to report my scores to colleges for me.  I don't remember receiving my grade.

I'm guessing I passed - for two basic reasons:
1.  I got into and graduated from college.
2.  I certainly don't remember taking the test the first time, let alone TWICE to better my score.

See what I mean?  I DON'T REMEMBER.  That peeves me a little bit.

Here's another thing: Not only did I not sign-up on-line (back in the day), but the only computer in our house was used (as I recall) to play Space Invaders.  Wow, I'm pretty old.

On the other hand, I just impressed the heck out of myself for remembering the name of that game!

At this point, you are probably laughing for one of two reasons.  You are either really identifying with my little story -- OR -- you are saying, "Wow, she really IS old!"  If you are laughing due to the latter, then I have but one thing to say to you...

Just wait. 


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