Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Greeting Cards...

...are a funny thing.

I used to be the person who sent out cards for every event or celebration right on time -- never missing a beat.

But these days, I don't know -- I've kind of turned into a Scrooge.  I'm too sensible or thrifty for my own good, I guess.

I think it all started several years back when my husband was unemployed.  We, of course, were trying to trim our budget in any way that we could.  Cards became a luxury item.  They are, after all -- expensive, considering what it is you're getting for your money.

I think that, really, we're NOT paying for the size of the card, or the type of paper the sentiment is printed on -- but rather the sentiment itself.  We're paying for a person to sit at a desk and dream up a meaningful message.  And the messages are meaningful, aren't they?  I mean, who hasn't stood in a card aisle with tears streaming because you've found just the right card?

At one point, I decided that I would make all of my cards.  It's a great way to use up the "odds & ends" of my scrapbook supplies.  The glitch for me?  The sentiments.  If I'm just going to say, "Happy Birthday!" -- then really, I could've just said it.  If I want to write something more meaningful, there is the issue of coming up with something heartfelt without making it sound too "canned."  Let's just say my card-making phase didn't last too long.

It's a never-ending quandary for me.
Am I alone?
Am I the only Scrooge?

What's your philosophy?
What's your tradition?

I can't wait to hear what you have to say about this. In the mean time, I'm off to the store. I've got to find a card for the birthday that I just missed!


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