Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Autumn Treat

Today, we enjoyed a blast from our past.  We took the kids to a restaurant that my hubby and I used to visit on a more frequent basis when we lived/worked on that side of town, and were young & single, -and then- married & without kids.  The restaurant is lovely, but that's not really the draw for us.  What draws us is one of my hubby's all-time-favorite desserts -- Apple Pie - served with... (wait for it) Cinnamon Ice Cream!  Oh yes, you heard me.  Quite the combination, as you can imagine!

We inquired about the ice cream brand, since my hubby is always on the lookout for the cinnamon-flavored treat.  We've found cinnamon ice cream a few times over the years, but in recent years have had no success.  Turns out they use Pierre's Ice Cream.  Pierre's is an Ohio-based ice cream maker, and the cinnamon flavor  is only available from September through December.

Try it.  You'll like it!


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