Friday, April 29, 2011

Wouldn't His Mum Be Proud?

What a morning.  Were you awake for it?

At 4 a.m.?  Really?  Whew!  Good for you!

Not me.  I took a look at the Royal Wedding Schedule posted by ABCNews, and realized that Kate wasn't due to arrive at the church until 6:58EST.  That was good enough for me.  I set the alarm for 6:40, but ended up waking up just before that.  In the days leading up to the wedding, there was so much information shared.  As interesting as it all was, I didn't feel the need to get up early and listen to 2 more hours of it before the ceremony even began.  

And so - I was dressed to the nines and in my seat by 6:58.  Okay, I was in my jammies.  Whatever.

My screenshots via ABCNews

It all came flooding back -- memories of Charles and Diana on their wedding day.  My, does William look like his mama!  He even does that thing with his lips -- pressing, pursing -- what ever you want to call it.  But can't you picture it?  It's a Diana-mannerism for sure!

Kate's dress was perfect!  Some likened it to Princess Grace of Monaco's wedding dress - though with a more "current" neckline for sure.  (Princess Grace's wedding was before my time, but I've seen pictures.)  Kate was simply radiant throughout the entire event.  She calmly took in every detail, and had none of the innocence and fragility of Diana.  William was resplendent in his scarlet Irish Guard tunic.  {He holds an honorary position as colonel of the Irish Guards.}

The kiss was a big, big deal.  The news anchors kept talking about it in relation to how happy a couple was, or if their (royal) marriage lasted.  I'm not sure what that really has to do with anything, I mean -- c'mon.  William and Kate, however, set a new trend.  Not one, but TWO kisses on the balcony.  Sweet.

My screenshot via ABCNews - like a picture from a fairytale!
  • Did you watch the wedding today?
  • Did you watch Charles' & Diana's wedding on July 29,1981?  (I did.)
  • Were you a big Diana fan?  (I was!  I had a lot of books about the couple.  The more photos, the better.  I loved to see all of her outfits!)
  • Do you remember where you were when you heard Diana had died?  (I do.  I was in church.  Our pastor referred to it, and I was so shocked - having not seen the news or the newspaper before heading out to church that day.) 

Another day in history...

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  1. I didn't watch the wedding but I have looked up pictures...she as gorgeous! I didn't watch Diana's wedding...I was only 1:) Or maybe I did and I just don't remember. I wouldn't say I'm a HUGE Diana fan but I did like her. I was volunteering at a bible conference when I heard she was of the cooks told me in passing as I was putting butter on the tables. I just stopped what I was doing in was a sad day.


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