Monday, April 18, 2011

A Bird Tale

Since we home school at the kitchen table, we are able to do a lot of bird-watching through the sliding glass door, and out into our back yard.

Recently, we noticed black-capped chickadees checking out the birdhouse in the little rose garden next to our patio.  A garden obelisk stands beside the birdhouse, which is perched on a water pipe over our well.  The birds would fly to the obelisk, and one would enter the birdhouse, while the other waited.  Back and forth they would go.  It was so entertaining to watch.  Finally it seemed that their loan had been approved, and they started to move in.

Yesterday, I was out in the garden snapping pictures after the rain, and I heard a soft but quick knocking.  I thought for a moment that my family was playing a little trick on me from inside the house (not that they would do such a thing...) - so I pretended not to notice.  But then curiosity got the best of me.  I soon realized that the knocking was the chickadees -- hard at work inside their house!!

Well, today, the wind tore the house off the water pipe.  I wondered what the birds would do -- if they would return when I righted the house.  I took an old garden chair that we use for display-only in the garden, and sat it right next to the water pipe.  I then placed the birdhouse on the chair, and attached it with fishing line - around, and around, and around.  That house isn't going anywhere.  The chair would blow away first!

Then, it was a waiting game.   But it didn't take long.  I went inside, and was tidying up in the kitchen when I saw one of the chickadees on the obelisk.  Honestly, I just stood there and smiled while he tilted his head back and forth in wonderment.  Then he flew inside.  I say "he."  I'm assuming it was the male checking things out first.  Then came the female.

Next thing I knew there was that soft knocking again.  I'm sure it was the mama, hard at work fixing her toppled nest.  The daddy sat in our lilac bush and waited.  I'm sure she had kicked him out while she fussed.

What have you been taking note of this spring?

Check this out. (Love it!)
Here's a great post by Melissa (from The Inspired Room) about creating a home that reflects our blessings.  Melissa has such great style, and always shares awesome decorating ideas.


  1. Love those sweet
    Il chickadees! Way to save the day for them! Or at least, the home! :)

  2. I love bird watching from my windows too!

    I know it isn't very "popular" to love squirrels when they get into our feeders, but I love my 3. These 'triplet' squirrels appeared in our yard with their mama last fall; they were very little;the smallest one was still trying to nurse. Their mom showed them how to forage around our feeder and they've returned, 3 together, ever since.


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