Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/05/11 Daybook #2


Outside my window...
it is gray, and wet, and cold.
There are pools of water where there shouldn't be
because of the rain yesterday.
Last evening, ducks were swimming in our yard.
Yes - really. 

I am thinking...
how different my kids are...
My son is "up and at 'em" most mornings.
My daughter is a night owl, doesn't sleep well
-- and hates to get up in the morning.
She is like me (except for not sleeping well!)

I am thankful for...
the song of the birds when I wake up in the morning.

From the kitchen...
a whistling tea kettle.
Time to make my first cup of tea for the day.

I am wearing...
my pajamas and bathrobe still
[it's still early, don't judge]
--and thinking that in a few short months,
it will be summer job time.
We will be dressed and out the door early!

I am creating...
gold ribbon-bows to go on the lilies
for our Chayil girls' graduation.

I am going...
to a Kids Ministries meeting.

I am reading...
Who Do I Lean On?
by Neta Jackson
I am hoping...
That my family won't get too cold
at the Indians game.
[In a random act of kindness,
a man at church gave my son
free tickets!]

I am hearing...
the sump pump running.
(Glamorous, I know -- but this is real life!)

Around the house...
things are mostly tidy,
but PAPER is my arch-nemesis!

One of my favorite things...
is watching the birds -- here, there, and everywhere.
Last evening, after the rain,
our yard sounded like a tropical rain forest.
(because I've been there, and know -- not.)

A few plans for the rest of the week...
a meeting,
Chayil graduation rehearsal,
dental appointments for the kids,
and a Tastefully Simple party with friends.

Here is picture I am sharing...

On Friday, we noticed nest-building.  By Monday, there was one egg!

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