Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dancing With the Stars!

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love "Dancing with the Stars."
(in no particular order)
  1. Bruno is so passionate and expressive that he can't help but stand up when it's his turn to pronounce his judgement.
  2. The audience "boos" Len.  Sometimes that man just needs to be BOOed!
  3. Carrie Ann isn't afraid to "call out" the men when they've made a bad call.
  4. My daughter loves to watch the show with me.
  5. Hines Ward - Love that smile! (My daughter is cheering for him because she's a Steelers fan.)
  6. You never know what witticism Tom Berjeron might come up with next.
  7. There is such great camaraderie amongst DWTS alumni.  So many of them show up to cheer the "newbies" on!
  8. Len is so embarrassed by Bruno, and often turns away when he speaks.  I think he's afraid of Bruno's wild hip-action, too!
  9. Maks & Kirstie - Did DWTS pair them well, or what?
  10. It is proof that everybody can't be good at everything!

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  1. I love DWTS and I agree with every single one of your points. I would *apprieciate* if they wore a little bit more modest clothing but I understand that this is a dance show and that they need to be able to move.

  2. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the show, but I started watching it this year because Wendy Wiliams was on. I think she fit well into #10 on your list! haha! It is great that you found something fun to watch with your daughter. Enjoy! (found you on Oh Amanda!)

  3. Congrats! You won my art print giveaway!! www.jeannewinters.blogspot.com
    Let me know which print you'd like!

  4. I used to love to watch that show, but my husband made fun of me too much, so I decided to give it up;)


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