Friday, April 1, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things - in 5 minutes!

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and respond to the prompt: "a few of my favorite things."

A few of my favorite things: (in no particular order)

* friends that show up for spontaneous visits
* having dinner planned early in the day
* a quiet house
* a cup of tea
* it's Friday!
* the way my husband makes our kids laugh
* blogging
* being forgiven
 * summer
* an anticipated night out with girlfriends
* watching my daughter enjoy time with her girlfriends
as much as I enjoy time with mine.
* weekends

* scrapbooking to save memories
* apricot mango yogurt
* having important conversations with my son
and hearing his perspective on things
* taking photos
* hugs

What are some of your favorite things?

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  1. YaY love this list. Yes it is Friday and I am happy :)

  2. Love the flowers. So beautiful and springy.

    What kind of apricot mango yogurt? It sounds yummy. Actually, I love anything with mango. :)

  3. Discovered your blog through Rachel's. :) Love your list! Having dinner planned early in the day really made me smile, too! My friends sometimes make fun of me for planning dinner early in the morning or even the evening before. It just makes things run so much more smoothly, don't you think? :)

  4. Right off the bat had to agree with you on having friends stop by spontaneously. Oh how that makes my day!! And having dinner planned early can put the rest of the day on track. Great list:)

  5. Thanks for letting me know about the yogurt. I found some at Trader Joe's and it is excellent. :)

    Still love those flowers. ;)

    And thank you for linking up with friday favorites.



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