Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sittin' Pretty

A few weeks back, I posted pictures of this nest in the wreath on our front porch.  A few days after we first noticed the nest, we spotted two eggs.  Just as quickly, they seemed to disappear (or got pushed to a different corner of the nest that I couldn't see).  Can birds MOVE their eggs if they decide to relocate?  Hmmm.  We wondered, and determined that the eggs are just well hidden. 

The next time I stepped out on the porch to take pictures, there was a second nest on TOP of the wreath.  This one was bigger, and a little muddy.  (Yeah, I'm thinking this might be the end of my wreath!)  Also, the second nest was much too high for us to see into.  We wondered if the first nest had been abandoned?  -- or did they just "move upstairs?"  --or do we have a little "condo situation" going on on the front porch?

Yesterday, when my daughter and I were outside, we saw a robin fly out from under the front porch.

Today, I stepped outside to take some pictures in the yard.  I quietly made my way to the front of the house to check on the nests.  Much to my surprise, there was the mama robin sitting in the top nest.  She sat perfectly still until I raised my arm to take a picture.  Then, she flew the coop.

Determined to get a picture of her in the nest, I plotted and schemed -- okay, not so much.  But -- I made a plan.  When I went outside later to get the mail, I watched from the mailbox (at the street) to see if she was in the nest.  Sure enough - yes!  So, I walked straight across the lawn to the front steps, my camera raised in preparation for the shot.  I approached slowly, and snapped a few pictures.

As I walked away, she chirped angrily at me and flew to the nearest tree.

The saga continues...


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