Friday, June 1, 2012

Fifty Things About Me (31-40)

{See my motivation and items 1-10 HERE,
11-20 HERE, and 21-30 HERE.}

31. Some of my favorite recipes are still ones my mom made for our family growing up.  She comes up with some fabulous ones these days too -- and is always a source of inspiration for me.

32. I was born in Buffalo, New York and moved to NEOhio shortly before my 11th birthday.

33. I have never seen "Gone with the Wind" or "Casablanca."

34. I cried at the grocery store today... not because I was reading a mushy greeting card, but because my favorite pharmacy technician told me she is being transferred.  She's been my go-to-girl regarding everything pharmaceutical, and she served me like I was a real person, and not a number.  Gosh I'm going to miss her.  I love building relationships with the people who wait on me regularly (i.e. grocery clerks, etc.).

35. Bones broken in my lifetime: my collarbone when I was about 4 or 5.  I was watching ballet on t.v., and tried to twirl like a ballerina.  Even now, I can remember the feeling that I was doing exactly what the ballerina on t.v. was doing -- ultimately though, with not as much success.  Ouch.

36. I dislike needles (medically speaking).

37. I am not afraid of hospitals, though I am almost always squeamish when someone shares medical "details."

38. I'm sort of a "fair weather gardener."  I like to make it all pretty ONCE and then sit back and enjoy it.  I'm not good at keeping up with the weeding.

39. Favorite Disney Movie?  Well, I LOVE Beauty and the Beast.  We saw the play in Cleveland back about 13 years ago or so.  It was fabulous.  We also saw an abbreviated version from the front row while visiting WDW, and I cannot tell a lie... I CRIED.  I also love Nemo... and... ask me again tomorrow -- I might think of a different one.

40. I can't fall asleep without at least a light cover over my legs -- but usually, my feet are hanging out of the covers.

Hmmm, lots of cryin' going on in this list -- sheesh!
Pretty sure I cried when I broke my collarbone too,
come to think of it.

Have a birthday coming up?
C'mon make a list!


  1. Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comment. Nice to know more about you and have a great weekend Sally!

  2. Well, I'm thinkin' in about two years, both girls will be in college and it may give me something to occupy my time to make a list...hmmmm...

  3. Sorry about the clerk being transferred, we do get used to people don't we?


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