Friday, May 11, 2012

Fifty Things About Me (1-10)

Embracing the number...

My 50th birthday is in June.  Even though she is much younger than I, Heather inspired me to "embrace the number" in THIS POST. So, I thought in the weeks leading up to my birthday, that I would share 50 random things about me --about ten at a time, because... really - that's all you'll be able to take.  This isn't anything too amazing, folks (except perhaps to my mom and dad.  And to God - who made me what I am... Perfectly ME.)

So here goes:
{Let's hope I can come up with fifty things before my birthday!  Ha!}

1. Who am I?  A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, a friend -- and even more important than all of that... I am a child of God.  (It's possible that I should've listed/counted all of those titles separately...)

2. I'm only "brand conscious" about a few things.  For example: I always thought I had to buy a certain brand of ketchup for my family.  One day, when pinching a penny, I bought another brand. You know what?  My family still hasn't noticed.

3. I love the strong aroma of newly opened ground coffee or peppermint tea bags, but the smell of a newly opened bag of brown sugar almost makes me sick.

4. I have been to Disney World 4 times.  It's not my favorite vacation spot.  (I'm a beach-vacation girl!)  On the other hand, I've been on a Disney Cruise only once, but didn't want to come home.

5. If I was offered (today) the job that I had when I was in college - I would take it in a minute! Unfortunately, the company went out of business.  The job?  I worked in an accounting department, but had never taken an accounting class in my life.  (You're thinking: perhaps that's why the company went out of business? LOL)

6. I collect bowls.  I love them because they are functional, but these days, there are so many beautiful ones!  How great is it when useful things can be beautiful, and vice versa?

7. I love taking pictures of flowers -- especially in the macro setting.  You don't have to trick flowers into smiling, or tell them to behave when getting their picture taken --  and you often see characteristics that you wouldn't have noticed with your eyes alone.

8. I am a SAHM, winding up our last year of homeschooling, and currently unemployed -- except for the fact that a dear friend pays me to create scrapbooks for her family.

9. I love to bake.  LOVE. TO. BAKE.  Nothing fancy or difficult -- in fact, NOT fancy or difficult.  Just down-home favorites.

10. I love spring, summer, and fall.  Winter?  Not so much.

How about you?
Have a birthday coming up?
I double-dog dare you to make a list.


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