Thursday, June 21, 2012

what else IS there?

I know I told you all about our trip to Charleston, and all the cool things we did.  But... there were a few more awesome moments.

Like... have you ever had the chance to sit behind the wheel of a firetruck?  A really big one, I mean?  No?  Well, I have.  One belonging to the United States Air Force, in fact.  I didn't have that chance in my first forty-nine years.  But, turn fifty? -- and things happen.  I'm just sayin'.  Also, ummm,  it's all in who you know.

In addition, I can say pretty confidently that I have never boldly eaten (just) cake and ice cream for lunch on my birthday.  But, how do you say no when four little nieces (one missing in this photo) are jumping up and down and singing to you?  Answer:  you don't.

AND, I got to enjoy the sights and sounds of Charleston, South Carolina with my family.  A treat, for sure!

Lastly, I counted my blessings -- and there are many!

Had a big milestone birthday lately?
How did you celebrate?

Pssst.  HERE is another great idea from Pinterest --> a way to keep necklaces from getting tangled when you travel!  Unclasp the chain, and feed through a straw.  Then reclasp and pack it in your suitcase.  Try it.  It worked for me!


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