Friday, June 22, 2012

Finishing the Job

Remember this applesauce jar "vase" that I wrapped earlier in the week?  Not a complicated project, right?  I didn't show you this side with the cute border.  That's just the border that was on that piece of scrapbook paper.  I cut the paper with this idea in mind.

Today, I decoupaged the paper, and sealed off the top and bottom edges, as well as the vertical paper edges where they overlap going 'round the jar.  Hopefully, it will last a little longer now -- you know, it case it sees a splash of water here and there.  Still, I felt like it needed something else.  A little embellishment, perhaps?  So, I went hunting in my button jar.

The buttons were either totally the wrong color, just round and boring, or the wrong style of button for this purpose.  But then, I spotted this.

It's an old arcade token.  I hot-glued it on, and TaaDaa!  Just the ticket, I think.

You might notice (in above photo) the mess up around the neck of the jar.  It's Modge Podge that's still wet. After decoupaging the top paper edges, I realized it looked a little messy on the glass.  Using my foam brush, I put on a heavier coat of Modge Podge moving my brush back and forth in an "X" pattern to create a textured look.  The end result is sort of a bubbly mottled look that I rather like.

But the quirkiest part of this project is probably this:

which I never even SAW until I was completely done with the project.  And that's the truth!

How about you?
Have you put the finishing touches
on any projects lately?

Somewhat Simple

UPDATE:  I've just realized that there were a handful of birthday-wish-comments that I missed while we were on vacation.  Thanks for thinking of me friends!!!  It was a great birthday.  ~Sally

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  1. That turned out really cute! I love re using all the great containers :) It's fun too.


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