Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hydrangea Joy

This morning, I looked out my window and realized that while we were on vacation, the hydrangeas had started to bloom.  I love our hydrangeas.  They're just white, although someday, I'd love to get the blue variety.  One of the reasons that I love them is that since putting plant supports around them a few years back, we have done nothing but smile at them and cut them back in late fall, and they grow like crazy.  A friend's husband once asked me what our secret was, and I told him... IGNORING them.  We're really all about survival of the fittest in our garden.  We don't pamper.  We don't feed.  Good heavens, we hardly WEED!

Well, back to my story... I looked out and saw the hydrangeas, and knew I had to have some in my house.  I wanted a good sturdy vessel for them so that the mop-like flower heads couldn't cause it to tip.  My creative juices started flowing.  In my dish drainer sat a large applesauce jar rinsed out and ready for the recycle bin.  I grabbed a piece of sturdy scrapbook paper, and trimmed two pieces that would meet in a band around the applesauce jar.  Then I headed outside to collect hydrangea stems.

What an easy project!  I'm kind of liking this applesauce vase.  Filled with water, it is nice and heavy.  For now, the paper is just taped, but I'm thinking I may decoupage it on, so that water won't damage it.

Did you do something creative today?

Was it a big project, or
just something simple, like mine?


  1. clever you, sally! love the re-purposed bottle/vase!


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