Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Time Lapse: Torch Lily

I've been watching a few different plants take shape this spring.
If I step outside each day, I can see the subtle changes in them, which is fun.
This plant is known as a Torch Lily, or a Red Hot Poker.
You can see the buds here, as it begins to bloom...

...from the bottom...

right up to the top!

The Burpee site said, "spikes glow, blaze open fiery red,
then pale and wither."  I'd say that's an accurate description.
Of course, the "fiery red" color may vary depending on the variety of plant.

Have you watched any interesting transformations
in your garden lately?

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  1. What a wonderful plant! I've never seen anything like this one. How remarkable that it would bloom from the bottom up.

  2. Oh,such a pretty flower! Love how you have taken the shots,and how each bud is opening up. The lovely coral color of this particular variety of lily is very pretty. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Happy week to you!~Poppy

  3. I included our Torch Lily (Red Hot Poker) in my Tuesday Garden Party entry too. It is my teenage son's favorite plant in the garden and it is really flowering right now. Thanks for the special look at this plant!

  4. Wonderful plant and new to me. In my garden perennials are replaced most bulbs. I wish you a great week! Zinnia


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