Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dinner is Served...

A few weeks ago on a Saturday, I ran a bunch of errands with my son.  He was to start a new job the following day, so one of the things we did was drive there to make sure we knew the route, and to make sure that there wasn't any construction along the way.  I gave him $20 to help fill his gas tank, and he treated me to a chocolate milkshake at McDonalds (oh how we love those!)  On the way home, we hit the grocery store, and I let him decide what we should make for dinner.  He decided on sloppy joes.

When we got home, I said, "how 'bout you make the sloppy joes?" -- and he agreed.  So, I coached him through the making of sloppy joes.  Not rocket science, I know -- but he had never done it before.

As we sat at dinner, I noticed that he wasn't eating with his usual gusto.  "Tastes good..."  I said.  "Does it taste good to you?"  He paused and said, "It's not the same when you make it yourself."

And I said, (say it with me, moms) "Welcome to my life!"

I love to cook for my family, but I always enjoy a meal more when someone else makes it, don't you?"  Somehow being removed from the process allows me to appreciate the end result more.  To linger over each bite... and enjoy.

I'm looking forward (in the not-so-distant future) to a great get-away dinner here:

                                                                      Source: via Sally on Pinterest

Our oldest nephew is a chef at S.N.O.B., and I am excited to see him in his element.  I hope to be able to tell you all about it -- in delicious detail.


By the way... are you a "no-reply" blogger?  Do you know what this means?  It means that your e-mail is not linked to your blogger profile.  This is kind of a big deal if you leave comments on blogs, and enjoy receiving a response!

Amanda at Royal Daughter Designs recently did a post about this very subject.  You can find it HERE.  It's very informative, and contains a tutorial for just how to link your e-mail to your blogger profile.  If you follow through and do this, bloggers will be able to respond to your comments easily via e-mail.

I can tell you that I've had my e-mail linked since the beginning of my blog, and it has never been abused.  It's just another way for us bloggers to connect.  Think about it.  There's nothing more frustrating to me (blog-wise) than not being able to respond to a great comment.  Just sayin', friends...


  1. Maybe that's why I love leftovers. I can pretend someone made them.

  2. I love anything I don't have to cook...


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