Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Randomness & a Sweet Shot

*  The TV's on, and I just heard the theme from "Greatest American Hero" (remember that show c.1981?).  I knew all the words.  (Believe it or not I'm walkin' on air...♫♫♪♪♫)  I don't think I ever even watched that show regularly -- but I always liked the song.

*  The AmVets truck is coming for a pick-up on Friday morning, and we did some badly needed purging and tidying up around here.  Not only do I have a large bag of clothes to give to AmVets, but my kids' bedrooms are clean (read: I can see the floor), and a whole bunch of hangers became available, so I don't have to go out and buy new ones!  (Cha-ching!)

*  I bought black popcorn a few weeks back, and am really dissatisfied with it's popping abilities.  We have enjoyed it in the past, but I think I got an old bag perhaps?  I was about to throw it away, when I thought it might make for an interesting filler under a candle in a dish.  My daughter warned me - "just don't let it get so close to the flame that it pops!"

*  I am linking up with Darcy at My3boybarians for Sweet Shot Tuesday.

 Sweet Shot Day
I love the icy crystals on this flower-head.

Just for fun: Darcy's son memorized the nicest poem about the months of the year.  She posted it HERE. Check it out, and if you think of it - leave him a little note of encouragement.  We all like to get feedback, right?


  1. What a creative use of popcorn - it looks great :-)

  2. i love your blog title! and what an amazing shot of the ice crystals! so pretty!

  3. beautiful shot of the flower and ice!


  4. Amazing shot!!!! Great edit!

  5. I love the icy shot :)
    Cleaning and purging is such a refreshing feeling. I have a bag of items that have just been waiting to be taken to the thrift store - I need to do that this week!

  6. That shot is beyond awesome. thanks for sharing.

  7. What a great shot...love the composition & the winter feel :)


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