Thursday, January 27, 2011

Leaning 101

The other day, I read a great post about "leaning artwork" from Melissa at The Inspired Room.  This is a great concept for those of us who have trouble committing to pounding nails in the walls - because we're afraid the picture won't end up there afterall...

I have to agree with Melissa when she says, "... funny thing is, even though my "leaning" all started in an attempt to avoid putting holes in the walls, I actually liked how things looked when they were leaning."

:: This year for Christmas, I was fortunate enough to receive a beautiful pedestal and cloche from my sister and her family.  Also included were some miniature goodies with which to create little cloche vignettes.

:: Our family also received a unique and special piece of artwork from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  In order to hang it, we moved some things around --and ended up with an extra piece of artwork.  I almost just put it away, but...

:: ...January is (as it is for many of you) my month to get things back out after Christmas (or not), and rotate things through the house.  Sometimes when I find a new spot for an item, it just freshens up the decor, you know?

Like so.

As I sat watching TV the other afternoon, I found myself gazing around the room during the commercials - picturing things in other areas of the room.  By the next commercial, I was up moving items around the room, and changing the look of things.  This little table-scape is what I came up with.  I love it, but have already thought of a million-or-so ways to "change it up" - so next time you stop by, it might look different!

I just read The Nester's most recent post: "Random Plate Wall."  Check it out.   Honestly, it scares me a little.  I mean, it's beautiful, don't get me wrong, and I love plates on the wall -- as you can see. 


But - remember my commitment issues with pounding nails in the wall?  I did breathe a little easier when she said that she challenged herself to use as many existing nail holes as possible before she made new ones.  {Nester, any way to just lean all those plates...?}


  1. Plates on a wall ... Awesome!
    No fear on nail holes here, love love love photos on my wall. Lol but I do get your paragraph on sitting there looking around and wanting to move something... Get that less as a military wife ;)

  2. My family has that same art with the hearts! I think I need to hang it up where we can all see it.


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