Friday, January 7, 2011

JOY ~ I found it!

So, remember that I said, "I'm looking for something that will be a tangible reminder of my word for 2011?"  Well, I found it.  Shortly after making that comment, I discovered this at Dayspring.

I felt a little guilty - as I always do making purchases after Christmas --when I've just received so much.  In this case, though, I knew it was for a good cause - and it was on clearance. (Sorry, I just had to add that.  It makes my hubby happy, and my mom proud!)  I know that this plaque will go a long way in reminding me of what I want this year to be - full of JOY.

For those of you who have a word for 2011, what are you doing to keep that word at the forefront of your mind?  I don't want to lose track of my word.  Do you?

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  1. I love that your word is JOY> ... I"m going to have to pick one. Might take me a while. Cause I love so many. ;)


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