Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some Green Stuff Growing...

We had a busy Saturday morning.  I was up with the __?__.  Wait -- WHO is it that's up early again?  {Is it the birds?}  For crying out loud, (as my nephew & I like to say) at 5:00 in the afternoon, my brain is already too fried to remember that "expression!"  {I should ask The Pioneer Woman.  She most certainly would know who is up early!}

Anyways, I had an early start as I had to pick up dear-daughter and friend at a youth group all-nighter at the University Rec-Center.  Once home, dear daughter headed to bed, but I was awake and not turning back at that point.

I put chicken noodle soup ingredients in the crock pot for dinner, and then husband and son were awake, and ready to head out for karate.  Today, while he was out, my hubby happened to stop by Lowe's.  Unless I miss my guess, he was checking prices on refrigerators and snowblowers.
(It's a safe bet.)  

But, you know what he came home with?

All in need of a little tender-loving care, he said.
At fifty cents each, he couldn't resist.
(This family LOVES a good clearance!)

And you know what he told me?
He thought this would give me something
to take pictures of
- so I wouldn't have to go outside in this cold.
Does he have my number, or what?


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