Sunday, January 9, 2011

Little Embers on a Burning Bush

I drive past this burning bush every time I pull into our garage.
I've tried to get pictures of the berries during the late fall or winter,
and have never been able to get one with the right focus.
After a light snowfall the other day, I decided to try again.
I love the results.
Sometimes it's just... the simple things.

If you have a "simple things" photo to share from your week,
link up with Rebecca at Simple as That and share it with us!

UPDATE: I'm linking up over at LifeWithMy3Boybarians
for Sweet Shot Tuesday too!
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  1. I love burning bushes...nice shot!

  2. Beautiful!
    Btw-I'm crossing my fingers for you and hoping you get a new fridge soon! My DH just defrosted out our basement fridge and it is time consuming!
    Best wishes!!!

  3. Vegetation of all sorts is one of my favortie subjects...very pretty! Macro is one of my favorite modes. What camera do you use?

    Thanks for the comment,


  4. Beautiful! I love your composition and detail.


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