Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

...often get messed up, and you have to "settle for" Krispy Kreme!

Wow, that doesn't sound half-bad, does it?
Here's my story (and I'm stickin' to it!)  

On New Year's day, our family set off on an adventure to the local outdoor ice-skating rink.  It had rained earlier in the morning, but the rain had stopped, and the temperature was a balmy 55 degrees.  I was imagining that this would be a perfect day for ice-skating -- NO FROZEN TOES OR FINGERS!  Along the way, we noticed all of the places on our route that were closed for the day.  Of course.  It's a holiday afterall... of course.  I started thinking to myself, "hmmm - I didn't check to see if the rink was open."  I confessed that out loud to my family, and they all did a little eye-rolling.  But, we were on an adventure, and so we forged ahead.  The streets of downtown were, umm, let's just say - deserted.  That should've been our sign.  We turned onto the ice-rink street, and let's just say there were lots of good parking spots.  And then - there was the rink - empty, closed, of course.  What was I thinking, you ask?  I was not.  I'm just an over-eager mom - trying to take advantage of any opportunity for the family to do something together.

Well, my husband is big on adventures.  I love that about him.  You'll laugh at what came next.  He kept on driving to nowhere in particular, and we passed a cemetery.  I said, "Oh, I think that place is the oldest cemetery in the city."  And my husband turned in.  Really.  The next 15 minutes or so was filled with "ooh, look at that one," and "over there!" - as we read dates back to the late 1800's, and names that were familiar to our city.  As we pulled out of the cemetery, I started recognizing names of streets, and realized where we were... close to the only Krispy Kreme store left in town.  Another thing that I love about my husband is that he is good at taking hints, and he loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  {Okay, that's two things.}  By then, the kids were catching on, and urging my husband to head to Krispy Kreme -- which he did.  Guess what?  Krispy Kreme is OPEN on New Year's Day.  Bless them.

Warning!  Doughnuts out of focus contain the same amount of calories as doughnuts IN focus!

 "Doughnuts" backwards in neon.

p.s.  It wouldn't have been a good day for ice-skating after all.  On the way home from our abbreviated adventure, it poured.

So, what did YOU do on New Year's Day?

Check this out. (Love it!)
Meadowbrook Farm - a beautiful blog!  I love that Teresa leaves all of her colorful flowers in her header all year long.  Wait until you see all of the gorgeous pictures on her site.  You will want to LIVE at Meadowbrook Farm!  This is eye-candy at it's best.


  1. Sally, Love your pics, your story and your sense of humor! TFS! I'm looking forward to how our shared OLW unfolds itself over the coirsevof 2011,
    EnJOY the journey! ;-)

  2. Oh, and thanks for the heads up on The Meadowbrook Farm blog- you are right - gorgeous pics!!!

  3. I know just where you were, I actually go there quite a bit. One of the most beautiful cemeteries around! My grandparents are burried there as well as several other family members. I also hit the Krispy Creme! A friend of mine from 4th grade works there in the morning when they're still hot! A favorite stop after I take Sydney to school.
    Just in case the kids enjoyed it, there is also a cemetery across the street from Goodyear that has many historical names and familiar families to Akron.

  4. Oh, how exciting to be mentioned in the same post as Krispy Kreme!
    Thank you so much for the shout out!
    It means a lot to me, Sally.


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