Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Have you seen the Walt Disney movie "UP?"  It's not just a kids movie, you know.  Though it has lots of hysterical parts, it has many tender moments too that I'm sure get right past the kids.  Not that they don't understand them (speaking for my daughter, who will probably scold me when she reads this), but they cannot possibly feel the depth in the same way an adult could.

So anyway, this post isn't about "UP" -- except that the expression "Squirrel!" comes from the movie -- and..... yeah, go watch the movie.  You kind of had to be there.

ANYways... my post IS about squirrels.

We have a suet feeder next to our patio, and can enjoy the birds from our kitchen window.  Well, when birds are allowed to get close anyways...  Like this cardinal in the bright morning light!

Today, I saw juncos, cardinals, blue jays, and a house finch.  Sometimes a woodpecker visits.

At other times during the day, I look out to watch the escapades of some squirrels.  One in particular, seems to know he's up to no good.  He often sits in the large flower pot at the base of this feeder, and if he sees me looking at him, he stops as if to say, "Oh, hello?  You are surprised to see me?  Perhaps you didn't know that I come often to... play in your yard?"   [Why is it that as I write this, I am thinking in the French accent of Pepe Le Pew?  I'm cracking myself up.  Or just cracking up.  You decide.]

But back to my story...

R-I-G-H-T...  Play in my yard MY FOOT!  (More like eat three squares a day plus snacks!)  Mr. Squirrel then continues to clean up every crumb left at the base of the feeder, and scurries up the pole like so:

Yeah, I asked him to show us how it's done.  You're welcome.

At the crook of the pole he does an about-face, hangs from his hind feet, and munches on the suet.  It's of the peanut variety, and he has been knockin' himself out -- let me tell you!  It's only been there since late Sunday!

Do you feed birds?
How about squirrels? -- purposefully, or by accident?


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