Thursday, April 25, 2013

Everything Must GO!

I'm cleaning out homeschooling curriculum, and ready to part with it all!

After many years of homeschooling, I can tell you that we are living under a mountain of curriculum.  I thought that I was going to put it all on e-bay, but that hasn't panned out quite yet.  I put a note on Facebook listing everything that I have -- and I had one friend of a friend contact me to purchase a few books.  Nice, but not enough to put a dent in the mountain -- if you know what I mean.  (And I know that you homeschooling mamas DO!)

So, in another little effort to get rid of stuff and tidy up our home, I am sharing with you here on the blog. Below, you will find a list containing all of the curriculum that I still have.  Some of the items were purchased new, some were purchased "used" from ebay, and some were handed down.

5/14/13 UPDATE:  Well y'all - who knew you could sell homeschool curriculum on Etsy?  Apparently because I'd never searched for it there, I never stopped to think that it could be FOUND there.  Today, I have started the daunting job of listing these items on Etsy for your consideration.  Thanks to my friend Jennifer for helping me clear out a couple of items!

UPDATE:  Only older items on Etsy, of course -- so that was a very limited purge...

8/14/14 UPDATE:  This is such a mish-mashed post because it has been edited so many times to reflect the books that I have left.  At this point, it is used only a resource list that I can lead my local friends to.  I'm not selling anymore -- just purging!  Period.  So local  friends, I will try to DELETE things as they are given away so that you know what you will find on my shelves should you stop by.

Here's the latest:

** What Your 3rd Grader Needs to Know - (fundamentals of a good third-grade education).  Great resource.

** Grades 3-6 Teaching Story Writing by Joan Novelli

** Dazzling Division by Lynette Long (games and activities that make math easy and fun)
** Marvelous Multiplication by Lynette Long ( games and activities that make math easy and fun)

** What Your 4th Grader Needs to Know - (fundamentals of a good fourth-grade education) Great resource.

** Grades 4/5 - A Reason for Spelling, teacher guidebook (level E).

** Grades 5/6 - A Reason for Spelling, teacher guidebook (level F).

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