Monday, April 22, 2013

On Boston and Nancy Drew

On Friday, I was at home for most of the day... on "lock-down" with Boston but not at all near Boston.  The t.v. was on in the background always.  In between loads of laundry, I sat to listen to the latest interviews.

Technology is an amazing thing.  I marveled at the information that was shared with the public, and the timeliness of it.  I was awestruck at the role of social media.  Incredible.  I was just plain struck by those in law enforcement that put themselves in harm's way to keep things as safe as possible for the general public.

My girl has watched some of the reports with me over the last few days.  She is 15.  She is deeply interested to see how it plays out.  It fascinates her too.  The other day she witnessed a real-live press conference.  The first one she remembers ever seeing, she told me.  She was enthralled.  They really DO this?  It's not just in the police dramas on t.v.?

Growing up, she has dreamed of being different things.  A horse trainer.  A veterinarian.  But those dreams fell by the wayside when she "met" Nancy Drew in the pages of a book.  Her new dream was to be a detective... the private investigator sort.

And now, as she sits wide-eyed in front of a "SPECIAL REPORT" on t.v., she informs me... "Someday, Mama -- that will be me solving those crimes."  Not dreamy.  Not starry-eyed.  But matter-of-fact.

My girl is brave.  Always has been.  She can be tough in the face of adversity.  She would be great as an FBI agent, or a profiler.

"As long as..." she tells me, "they don't make ME do the press conferences!  I don't like speaking in front of people."

And there it is.  We all have our limits.


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  1. I am stuck on the news too. I guess I'm just trying to find out why. Who were they working with? What's their vendetta against us? Even once we get some answers, I'm still going to wonder why. It just doesn't make sense.

  2. I am struck by the news too, although at times I feel they "share" a teeny bit too much. And I worry about the "glorification" of the perps, too, and their fame. I believe they shouldn't continue using their names, etc., and put more emphasis on the 1st responders. I commend your daughter for wanting to have a very meaningful career. xo

  3. Good for your daughter! For knowing what she wants to do... and what she doesn't :)


  4. I read all of Nancy Drew when I was a young girl and dreamed of solving cases. I still like to read or watch mystery long as they aren't graphic. It was a sad week last week. Sending you some hugs tonight!


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