Friday, April 5, 2013

From a Reader's Viewpoint

You've heard the rumors, no doubt.  Google Reader is going away.  I'm not jumping on [or off] any bandwagons just yet though, because they said that about Google Friend Connect a long while back too -- and I got my knickers all in a twist... for naught.  WhatEVer.

But, I do like to read my favorite blogs, and so, I'm checking out other options.  (Not burning any bridges, mind you!)  So far, I have joined Bloglovin' -- which gives me access to the Bloglovin' reader.  This particular reader is only a picture and an excerpt though -- not full posts.  If you're into reading exclusively from your reader, this is not the option for you.  [If you are a blogger, you must follow the steps to get your blog "recognized" -- and then your posts will be updated automatically for your followers.]

With Bloglovin', I see one photo and only a truncated post from my friend Patty.

I have also added my favorite blogs to The Old Reader -- which ends up being very similar to Google Reader. If a blogger allows us to see their entire post (vs. a truncated version), you can read it in it's entirety here without clicking through to the blog.  There are many schools of thought on whether or not to click all the way through to the actual blog for reading.  I won't comment on those here.  [Again, if you are a blogger, and someone subscribes to your posts via The Old Reader, your posts are updated automatically.]

With The Old Reader, I can choose to read Patty's post in it's entirety right here, or click through to her blog.

In addition, I subscribed (a while back) to Linky Followers.  I confess that I know the least about this "system" -- and I would guess that is true for most users.  There is no "feed" -- you have to click on each blog manually.  [If you're using Linky Followers to promote your blog, you have to enter each new post as an update in order to show that you've added new content.]  I'm thankful for those of you that follow me this way -- but, as I said, I'm a little sketchy on how this system really works effectively.

Many people subscribe to blogs via e-mail as well.  I read a lot of blogs, and... I think it would be overwhelming to try and keep up in that way.  It works for others, though.  Individual tastes, habits, and reading styles have a lot to do with it, I guess.  Personally, I don't like the idea of opening up a different e-mail for every blog that I follow.  That's just me.  That said, I should mention that Bloglovin' does offer to send a daily e-mail summary of the blogs you follow.  You can "opt in" for that under "settings."

Some "reader" options have lots of bells and whistles, and ways to sort what you're reading (i.e. home decor blogs, food blogs, vintage blogs).  Personally, I like a good mix.  I would never read through a whole folder filled with recipes.  Oh, I like a good recipe as much as the next person... but not in bulk.  All that to say that, I don't need bells and whistles.  Just let me read my blogs.

Also, I am not a technology-toter.  I use a desktop computer here... at (big surprise) my desk, and therefore don't use any "apps" that are appropriate for mobile devices -- but there are many of those out there as well. Obviously, I am not prepared to address those.

I'd love to hear what reader or reading-system YOU use.  There are no rights or wrongs -- only preferences.  Let's hear yours.  Maybe you'll be able to share something that the rest of us aren't familiar with -- who knows?

If there are any reading options or "reader" features that I haven't mentioned, perhaps I haven't learned about them yet.  If you know about them, or they're working for you... feel free to share about those too!  We all bring a different viewpoint to the discussion!  Can't wait to hear from you all.  (HINT, HINT.)

In the meantime, HAPPY READING!


  1. I don't know if this will be helpful or not and maybe you'll laugh at my simplicity, but here goes....
    I have never used a "reader." Call me old-fashioned, but I have never felt the need to. I just use the good 'ol book mark on my desk top and add blogs to my favorites list. so I have my list right there and can click through.
    I now use my iPad almost exclusively and for that I have added icons for my favorite blogs to my home screen and they are all in one folder.
    I read a lot of blogs, but I imagine there are people who read way more than me. So, although the simple way works for me, it probably wouldn't for some.

  2. I like to subscribe by email so that I can read them at home, work, or on the go. I follow several blogs on bloglovin, but I have a confession...I hate bloglovin! I hate everything all lumped together, and it's almost like another social media job. I already have to keep up with email. Fb, g+ etc. a lot of blogs force BL because of the SEO boost...which kinda bugs me.

    1. Amy, I responded to you on your blog "about" page -- but it didn't seem to be accepting my comment, so I'll say a word here as well. It's so interesting to me to read people's responses. The very thing that can seem so appealing to one blogger, can be a major turn-off to another. But, I love to hear people's opinions, because I learn about things I didn't know about, or hadn't thought about before. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Thanks for the shout out friend. Of course I had no idea we might be losing blog reader. I added google friend connect after the last scare of losing google friend connect so I think this time I will take more of a wait and see attitude. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I have switched my feeds over to Bloglovin and so far enjoy it, although I could do without the Victoria Secret ads on the top of the page :( I was trying out Feedly, but it was too confusing to me. I can't imagine subscribing to emails to all of the blogs I follow, but I do know that some people like that too. For blogs I may not want to read everyday, I subscribe through Facebook, and put them in a group called "Favorite Blogs" and just go to that page whenever I want to catch up! Blessings!

  5. ME again! I was wondering how long it took to import all of your feeds into the Old Reader? It says there are like 4,000 people ahead of me. This could take a long time. :(


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