Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh Daffodils!

The spring and summer seasons are definitely my favorite.  I love looking out the window each morning to find something new happening in the yard.  And it's begun!!!  We had a lovely weekend.  There was a chance of rain that never came, and then Monday - really comfortable temperatures and a balmy breeze.  I think I really had talked myself into the fact that spring was never coming this year.  I get into such a "funk" at the end of winter!

On Monday, I went out into the yard and captured the daffodils -- even further along than they had been over the weekend.

Monday afternoon:

By the time my daughter and I were preparing dinner, we looked out the kitchen window -- and it seemed that a few of the daffodils had actually opened -- JUST SINCE MID-AFTERNOON!

Monday evening:

I love that setting sun shining on them!

Last night, we slept with the windows open a little for the first time.  It was totally comfortable!  We woke up to temperatures in the high 50's.

And when I looked out the window this morning:

What a pretty bouquet!

Oh my, the texture!
Love this shot with the morning sun behind...

Oh Daffodils -- I wish you stayed around longer.

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