Monday, April 1, 2013


Traditionally, Easter photos in our family (and with my camera) have been a blur of color while kids search for eggs and baskets.  Yes, I tried again this year, and yes -- they were blurry.  But, this year, I planned ahead.  I arrived early at my parents' house so that I could get my potato casserole in the oven.  In the quiet of my parents' empty house, I snapped away at all things Easter.

  Easter-Eve Driveway Art, courtesy of our daughter

 Easter Greetings at my mom and dad's

 An Egg-Hunt plan

 Spice jellybeans -- the only way to go!

My mom's traditional bunny cake, and one of her traditional Easter decorations

 Easter eggs, ready for eating!

The beautiful table

 A floral centerpiece

Dessert plates at the ready

Words to live by

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