Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keep On Keeping On

So, I was off to such a good start.  Got the book on Saturday.  Was rolling through it over the weekend and Monday, and then the week got busy, and I let the busi-ness carry me away.

And I have reached these conclusions.

To do this right, I have to slow down.
To do this right, I have to keep my list close by.
To do this right, I need to discard this list on a piece of paper and pull out a journal.
To do this right, I need to take the journal with me when I go where I go.  Afterall, I'm not just thankful for things when I'm at home.

11.  home-baked cookies
12.  my sweet hubby bringing home goodies (today: strawberries)
13.  a housecleaning spree (who knows why)
14.  amazing friends
15.  clearer understanding of an issue
16.  a view of the sunrise for my son
17.  my son's hard work during a week of testing at school
18.  scrappin' time with my mom
19.  bargains at Penneys on Friday night
20.  a vanilla-spice candle

These are all honest bits of thankfulness from my heart, and yet after a week -- shouldn't there be about a million?  I'm not comparing to Ann - really.  I just know there should be so much more.

This coming week, my goal?  To slow down, to read more of the book, and appreciate smaller things.

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  2. aww i love it when my "hubby" goes grocery shopping, he always comes home with special treats for me like organic avocados etc.. lol

    nice to meet you i'm a new follower via the sunday blog hop!


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